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DMK Enzyme Treatment - True Skin Revision Therapy

This treatment is truly unique as it works with the body’s chemistry to promote true oxygen therapy from within the bloodstream unlike traditional treatments that merely act on the surface of the skin. DMK enzyme therapy strengthens the structural integrity of the skin, detoxifies and removes dead skin cells, and rebuilds the skin’s barrier. This treatment includes a steamed cleanse, customized pre-exfoliation, and personalized skin preparation prior to the enzyme. The enzyme is then applied to the skin and left on for a duration of 45 minutes. As it hardens, you will feel a pulsating sensation- this is reverse osmosis working to send freshly oxygenated blood to every cell! Utilizing the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes to restore skin to its peak condition, this treatment addresses all skin conditions such as melasma, rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation, and even aging skin. After your first treatment you are a candidate for Muscle banding.  Muscle banding is a unique secondary enzyme applied on top of enzyme #1 in a strategic manner to lift and firm the skin. This treatment tightens and contracts the fragile underlying muscles directly under the fascia to strengthen and tone the face. Similar to lifting weights at the gym to tone the muscles of the body- muscle banding causes a contraction thereby increasing circulation and oxygenation to the area and eventually building stronger, firmer muscle tissue.  If you want your skin to function, act, and look as it did when you were much younger, then this is the treatment for you.  

**Not recommended for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia**

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