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Hydrafacial™ Glo  
+ Oxygen Blast 
$210/60 min 

The Hydrafacial treatment is the newest advance in non-laser skin resurfacing.  Hydrafacial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extortion and hydration simultaneously resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime.  The Hydrafacial treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation and brown spots.  Hydrafacial Glo is completely customized to your unique skin needs.  Includes either 10 minutes of focused LED light therapy or pure oxygen rich infusion to hydrate and soothe the skin and a customized mask. 

Customize your Hydrafacial

Dermaplane -$30 

EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) - $25

Hydrafacial Neck - $45

Hydrafacial Neck & décolleté- $100

Lightstim™ full 20 min. treatment - $20

-with Hyaluronic infused sheet mask - $10

Hydrojelly Mask - $30





 - 45-60 min

Italian developed,  Biorepeel is a no to minimum downtime peel that is suitable for all skin types, colors and ages.  It is excellent for those with acne prone, congested skin and skin pigmentation and scarring.  It is just as helpful for very young skin during acute stages of acne, blackheads, with recent scarring. Biorepeel is equally as effective for preventing aging as it contains essential amino acids and vitamins that every skin requires. It softens lines, smoothes the skin, fades pigment, and has a firming effect. Due to its extremely minimal downtime, it is a savior for those with busy schedules and frequent social commitments.  The patented two-phase technology also provides non-photosensitive, sun safe treatment making it a perfect choice for any time of the year.  Truly a miracle in a bottle that benefits everyone and we are thrilled to carry this at Glo Aesthetics.  

Formulated with:

  • TCA 35% to improve skin texture, scars and pigmentation

  • Lactobionic Acid functions to gently exfoliate and remove the outermost layer of  dead skin cells

  • Salicylic acid to decongest the pores & help with excessive oil

  • Tartaric acid to brighten the skin. It also moisturizes the skin, stimulates the metabolism and promotes healing. 

  • Vitamin C to provide antioxidant effect to strengthen the capillaries, clean pores, even skin tone and soften and smooth the skin.

  • Amino acids & Vitamin B2 to revitalize and stimulate the formation of new healthy cells, derived of stress, damage and exhaust.


Series of 4-6 Recommended, 7-10 days apart for best results. 

(Most people will see significant results in only one or two peels with full results after three or four.

Acne clients tend to need up to 4-6 peels to get fully clear).  

Includes hydration mask, extractions if needed, and 20 minute LED treatment.

Dermaplane add on - $30 (Recommended)


Paris Filter 



- allow up to 90 min

A marriage of Hydrafacial™ and Biorepeel will give you that Instagram 'Paris Filter' glow. Complete with hyaluronic acid serum and full 20 minute LED treatment. 

Dermaplane add-on - $30

DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment 
$225/90 min

This treatment is truly unique as it works with the body’s chemistry to promote true oxygen therapy from within the bloodstream unlike traditional treatments that merely act on the surface of the skin. DMK enzyme therapy strengthens the structural integrity of the skin which is essential for true anti-aging benefits. It also detoxifies and removes dead skin cells while rebuilding the skin’s barrier. This treatment includes a steamed cleanse, customized pre-exfoliation, and personalized skin preparation prior to the enzyme. The enzyme is then applied to the skin and left on for a duration of 45 minutes. As it hardens, you will feel a pulsating sensation- this is reverse osmosis working to send freshly oxygenated blood to every cell! Utilizing the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes to restore skin to it’s peak condition, this treatment addresses all skin conditions such as melasma, rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation, and even aging skin.

Series of 3 recommended for full skin revision. 

**Not recommended for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia**


Dmk Enzyme Therapy + muscle banding 
$290 w/ EMS muscle sculpting

- allow 90-105 min.

**BOOKABLE FOR EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY** Muscle banding is a unique secondary enzyme applied on top of enzyme #1 in a strategic manner to lift and firm the skin. This treatment tightens and contracts the fragile underlying muscles directly under the fascia to strengthen and tone the face. Similar to lifting weights at the gym to tone the muscles of the body- muscle banding causes a contraction thereby increasing circulation and oxygenation to the area and eventually building stronger, firmer muscle tissue. Must have received a regular DMK enzyme treatment before receiving muscle banding due to the aggressive tightening sensation.

**Not recommended for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia**

Acne Bootcamp program
(First treatment)
$160/60 min

Ready to kick your acne to the curb?

Acne Bootcamp is a combined approach of holistic  in-clinic treatments and home-care   We go over health history, medical, lifestyle, diet, skincare and anything that could  be causing your acne in your environment.   After your initial treatment you will receive additional helpful information and a detailed and customized full skincare routine with Face Reality's skincare line ($150-$200).  In clinic treatments include enzyme, lactic and acne 'mini' peels, hydrating mask, extractions and LED.

Results typically take 12 weeks dependent on lifestyle changes. 

Acne Bootcamp
Ongoing Treatments
$130-60 min

Full Face Reality Acne treatment. Recommended every 2-3 weeks for best results.


Hydrafacial Extractions - $35

(HIGHLY Recommended for deep pore congestion and/or people sensitive to traditional extractions which can be uncomfortable for younger clientele ).


$60-35 min

The tween/teen facial is the perfect introduction for the younger clientele in learning basic skincare habits. 

This facial includes steam, extractions, mask, oxygen and other bacteria killing modalities. Not intended for those with anything more then mild acne. 


Learn more about the benefits below:

Fire and Ice Treatment 

$145/45 min

Join the A list celebrities such as Gweneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba among others in one of the most sought out facials in Hollywood for glowing and smooth skin with the highly coveted ISCLINICAL'S Fire and Ice Facial. Famous for being the go-to facial 3 days before an event for the ultimate glow.  Appropriately named for the heat sensation from the Intensive Resurfacing Masque formulated with glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, retinol, vitamin B3 and potent antioxidants including green tea. It is followed by the cooling sensation from the Intensive Rejuvenating Masque designed to cool and soothe with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, Japanese green tea extracts and rosemary extracts. Fire and Ice facial is an intensive clinical treatment designed to resurface the skin rapidly and safely, reducing fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing, softening, and encouraging cellular renewal. 

  Includes full session of LED Light therapy and Ice globes.  

Fire and Ice facial may be repeated every 4 weeks for 6 months until desired result is achieved. 

CosmelanMdDepigmentation Peel
by Mesoestetic 

*Virtual Available

CosmelanMD is the gold standard in depigmentation peels that specializes in the treatment of stubborn melasma, cholasma hyperpigmentation, age/liver spots and acne scarring. CosmelanMD is safe and painless and is suitable for all skin types and Fitzpatrick levels. CosmelanMD™ is formulated with a powerful blend of hydroquinone, retinoic acid, azelaic acid, kojic acid, arbutin, phytic acid, and ascorbic acid. The treatment includes a second spot treatment peel at the one month mark and a post care kit. 

'Social' downtime is 2-4 days. 

Best for cooler months. 

Consultation required.  

ViPeel  $350
Precision Plus
Precision Plus Purify

ViPeel Precision Plus is a medium-depth powerhouse peel that works to suppress melanogenesis—the production of melanin—at the source while promoting rapid cell turnover for more even and bright skin tone. Resurfacing action reveals brighter, renewed skin for results in 7 days.  Treats Sun Damage, melasma, UV-Induced pigmentation, Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

Pigmentation issues PLUS acne and/or acne scarring? Enjoy two treatments in one with Precision Plus Purify! Take on current breakouts and the scars and pigmentation they leave behind. Our superior purifying and smoothing acne treatment clears away dead skin cells and excess oil to speed breakout clearing and purify pores to prevent breakouts. By targeting melanogenesis—the production of melanin—at the source, this treatment helps minimize stubborn post-acne scars and uneven tone for a brighter, smoother surface.

Glo Facial and Treatment Contraindications

*Hydrafacial; allergy to Willow bark/ Salicylic acid, shellfish,  or aspirin.  

*Active infection

*Pregnancy or nursing

*Active sunburn

*Cold sore or open lesion (all facials) *extremely sensitized skin 

 *Botox, laser, or other invasive skin treatments within  7-10 days

 *Facial waxing within 5-7 days 

To Book

Text or email:

Requested facial, add-on treatments, best days and times.

(805) 637.8344


Skin care is Self care

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